Belgian-born South-African multi-instrumentalist Conrad’s faith drives him to break musical boundaries in everything he does. Whether by venturing into the world of hip-hop or techno music or by combining different genres, he has entertained crowds from all over the globe with innovative shows and online content. Combining his classical piano studies with teaching, producing music, audio engineering, jazz piano, visual arts, videography, running a youtube channel and much more, Conrad strives to use all his talents to the best of his abilities.

Recently, Conrad has been very active in an innovative concert format to utilize his unique skill set: the live talk show. In close collaboration with Guido Wevers (former director of the Theater aan het Vrijthof) and his duo partner Mayte Levenbach, they have produced a large number of shows ranging from video productions to live performances in venues around Belgium and the Netherlands (including Theater aan het Vrijthof, Academiezaal, CC Hasselt), surprising audiences every time with a rich musical experience.
He also regularly performs as part of "The Diamond Baritones" group, with over 40 performances scheduled in 2024.

Combining his varied skill set, Conrad spreads his passion for music by teaching piano lessons privately and in a music school.

With the release of his "Beat on a theme of Grieg", Conrad noticed a world of interesting possibilities combining classical music with other genres. With a combined number of over 100 000 streams across all platforms, he is actively working on producing similar projects.

At the age of six, Conrad started taking piano lessons with Ann Bleux, and after two years with her, he entered the regional music school where he got lessons from Annick Penders. Next to his classical piano studies, he also took jazz piano with Mark Knuts, accordion lessons with Christel Borghlevens, and chamber music with Sabine Warnier and Fien Huysentruyt. He also got private piano lessons from Jan Vermeulen and masterclasses from pianists including Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, Mariangelo Vacatello, Hannes Minnaar, Vitaly Samoshko, Joop Celis, Veerle Peeters and Marijke Oers.
Conrad has won multiple prizes, including 2 Sint-Truiden city prizes and a third regional prize at the Prinses Christina Concours.

The foundation of everything Conrad does is his firm faith in God. Reading and studying the Bible is the basis on which every day is based for him, and everything he does is in function of glorifying God. He is so passionate about doing as many things as possible because he wants to use all the talents and opportunities God gave him to the best of his abilities.

Currently, Conrad is in his first Master year in classical piano at the Conservatory of Maastricht, studying under the classical piano teacher Jeroen Riemsdijk. He has also done online courses in music production, songwriting, audio engineering and jazz piano.

Last updated 13/07/23.
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